In Store Tasting 3/26: 2010 Little J White & 2009 Altos Las Hormigas Malbec

Today we are again trying two wines. The first is the 2010 Little J White from Joostenberg in South Africa. This wine is made up primarily of Chenin Blanc with a little Viognier added for complexity. It has a wonderful nose of peach and flowers. It has flavors of peach, lime and mineral with a nice long finish. Perfect for fish or for a hot Summer day.

Available $9.99

The second wine, the 2009 Altos Las Hormigas Malbec from Mendoza Argentina. This has a wonderful nose of plum and cherry that leads to flavors of cherry, plum and some chocolate on the finish. Great bottle of wine for the price!

Available $11.99

In Store Tasting 3/19: 2009 Pinot Project & 2009 Selbach Riesling Kabinett

Today we are trying 2 wines! First up we have a 2009 Selbach Riesling Kabinett from the Mosel in Germany. It has some very nice aromas of apple and mineral that lead to flavors of apple, kiwi, with a touch of cream at the end. It ends with a nice long lingering finish. A great Kabinett for the money.

Available $14.99

The second wine we are trying today is from California, a 2009 The Pinot Project Pinot Noir. The vintners wanted to put together a nice Pinot Noir from California grapes at a reasonable price. This has some nice pure Pinot aromas of strawberry and raspberry. It leads to pleasing flavors of cherry, strawberry and some great red fruit flavors.  For the price is delivers amazing value!

Available $12.99

Tasting Notes from 5 Wines including Sine Qua Non & Continuum

Last weekend I went to a buddy’s house in New Jersey.  Some of you may be familiar with our wine club that Dave and I are in from my posts. So I have been telling my buddy down there about it for sometime so I said “This time when we come down, why don’t we taste everything as we do at the wine club.” He got giddy and wholeheartedly agreed. So that was the plan. Bring a high end bottle, a bottle around $20 and I brought another bottle for shits and giggles. My friend said the only thing he wanted was everything red and from California. We brown bagged everything as we do at the wine club meetings and tasted everything blind.

The first wine was quite interesting. Took me a minute to get my bearings. I thought Pinot Noir at first but soon ruled that out.  After a second and third sip I decided on Syrah. This was a big wine though that was high in alcohol. Had a lot of dark fruits, spice and a lot of black berry with a really long finish.  Although I thought it was a good it wasn’t really my style of wine. Regardless, I gave it 93 points. I thought this was my friend’s high end bottle. But it only cost him $20!

2006 Clos Mimi Syrah Petite Rousse  – Not available in Connecticut

The second wine was the wine I had the most trouble with. It had a lot of dark fruit and cherry on the nose.  It wasn’t tannic at all so that made it really difficult to pinpoint what it was. The wine had some nice flavors of cherry and blueberry, which seemed very Zin like to me.  The finish wasn’t as long as the first wine though, which my friend was quick to point out. Based on the jammy fruit I thought the wine was excellent but my friend influenced me from what he said about the finish. I guessed a Zinfandel and gave it 91 points. Felt a little embarrassed after the bag came off on this one since this is a very expensive wine but I call them like I taste them.

2006 Sine Qua Non Raven Series Grenacha – Good Luck!

After we unveiled, we continued to drink all the wines.  I have to admit that this wine really improved as we were drinking it.  It reminded me a lot of the Colonial Estate Alexander Laing Grenacha we have in stock after a while. I would have upgraded this to 94 points.

The third wine we tasted was the bottle I threw in at the last minute.  I immediately knew what this was. It had a berry noise which was pleasant but certainly not as complex as the first two wines. The same could pretty much be said for the palate as well. I was just pleased that my friend liked this and gave it 91 points because it cost only $7.99. I gave it 88 points.

2009 Redtree Pinot Noir – In stock

The fourth wine was the wine of the night. This had an exquisite nose that had aromas of blackberries, blueberries and earth. It had some tannins but they were unobtrusive, with great flavors of black cherry, plum, vanilla and licorice. The wine was just super concentrated with a finish that just went on and on for nearly a minute.  I also guessed what this was because I brought it and I had it at the winery.

2007 Continuum Proprietary Red Wine – 2008 Vintage available in Connecticut

The final wine of the night I could tell was different from everything else but at this point I was having a tough time discerning particular flavors. I thought it might have been the third wine I brought but I started to get confused between this and the first two wines of the night. Regardless, this was a big wine with smooth tannins and flavors of dark fruits and chocolate. I gave it 91 points.

2007 Whitehall Lane Merlot Napa Valley – In Stock

I was a little surprised by the Whitehall Lane because I had only had it two weeks before and I found it really tight with a ton of dark fruit flavors. I figured it needed a few years in bottle but I guess it only needed two weeks to loosen up.  Perhaps it was travel shock. One of my favorite Merlots from Napa Valley.  All and all it made for a very interesting night.

In Store Tasting 3/5: 2007 Faust Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley

Today we are trying the 2007 Faust Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley. This was just the top rated wine in the NY Times 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon tasting of bottles less than $100.  Some nice aromas cassis, cedar and mineral lead to flavors of cherry, earth, and dark fruits. It ends with a nice long lingering finish. This is definitely more old world style than big jammy Napa Cab.

Available $47.99