Notes on 5 wines from a Norwalk BYOB!

This past weekend I got together with a group of fellow wine enthusiasts that I get together with every so often to share some good wine and food with. On Saturday we met up at Nicolas Roberts in Norwalk, a small BYOB place that resembles a classic style French Bistro. The food is always good and the corkage is only $5. The theme wine for the night was Pinot Noir but we started off with a white.

2007 Dumol Chardonnay Isabel

Very nice bottle of Chardonnay. Lots of lush tropical fruit flavors with some nicely integrated oak. Typically my favorite bottling of Dumol’s 3 single vineyard designates. I really think they make the best Chardonnay from the Heintz vineyard. This went perfect with the lobster bisque I ordered. I gave this 92 points.

2007 Marcassin Pinot Noir Blue Slide Ridge

Decanted the wine for 1 hour. This is really drinking well right now. Perfectly integrated with some beautiful red fruit flavors and touches of spice and earth. Totally not hot and very well balanced, improved throughout the night and my last sip was the best sip. Very serious Pinot Noir. I gave this 96 points.

2003 Sine Qua Non Pinot Noir Omega

My first time having a SQN Pinot Noir and drank it next to a Marcassin. You could say I was in heaven! This was fully mature with a lot of dark red and black fruits but also some earth and game flavors. Super complex, the finish lingered for minutes on the palate. 15.5% alcohol but certainly not hot by any means. Preferred this to the Marcassin early on but the Marcassin gained some steam towards the end of the night. This wine was sourced from the Shea Vineyard in Oregon, which I purchase wine from but SQN no longer makes any Pinot Noir. Bummer. I gave this 96 points.

At this point my crab cakes arrived and I was able to enjoy several different Pinots with them!

2008 Sea Smoke Pinot Noir Southing

Sea Smoke has always been hit or miss to me. Sometimes I have had it and really liked it. Other times not so much. Luckily tonight was one of the nights it was one. This was much lighter than the other Pinot’s we had tonight, with more elegant fruit flavors. Lot of red fruit and drinking very well right now, especially considering it was almost a pop and pour. I gave this 92 points.

2009 Paul Hobbs Pinot Noir Lyndsay Estate Vineyard

A awesome bottle of Pinot. By far the youngest and most expressive bottle of the night, this was jumping with fruit both on the nose and the palate. Very long finish. Might have to seek this out. I gave this 95 points.

Overall a fantastic night of wine and food!