4 Tasting Notes from a Wine Club Meeting!

This past weekend we had our quarterly wine club meeting. It was a smaller meeting this time because one member moved to Boston and another was sick so we only had four wines but we still had a great time. The theme for the meeting was Summer whites and roses. We always try to pair food with what we are eating so I made grilled pizza but we also had grilled shrimp, bruschetta, smoked salmon and ended the night with home made peach cobbler. But the stars of the night were the wines! All wines tasted blind and listed in the order opened.

Wine 1 – NV Montaudon Champagne Grande Rose Brut

This had a very nice nose with aromas of strawberry, toast and yeast. I really have only gotten that toasty-yeast smell from Champagne. Haven’t really experienced it in Cava or American sparkling wine although it may exist out there. On the palate this had more strawberry and toast but added a touch of mineral and slate. This had a nice long finish which I really enjoyed. Could probably pair this with literally anything. Really loved this for the money! I gave this 92 points and it finished tied for second for the night.

Wine 2 – 2012 Chateau de Nages Costieres-de-Nimes Vieilles Vignes

This had a very floral nose. This wine is typically made up of Grenache Blanc and Roussanne with a touch of Viognier but I got a lot of Viognier on this nose so I wonder if it had more in the blend. On the palate this had light refreshing flavors of peach and kiwi with very nice acidity. Perfect for a hot Summer Day and you can’t beat the price on this! I gave this 88 points and it finished third on the night.

Wine 3 – 2009 Domaine Bunan Bandol Rose Mas de la Rouviere

This presented the most puzzling wine of the night for me. This had very pronounced aromas and flavors of strawberry and watermelon. It was more of a weighty wine than light and refreshing. Probably about the weight of a Pinot Noir so that was what threw me off. With such weight I figured it must have come from a heartier grape. When it turned out to be a 2009 I was quite surprised. To have such a flavor profile for what most people consider to be a “old” rose was quite intriguing. I gave this 90 points and it finished tied for second.

Wine 4 – 2010 Bodegas Avanthia Valdeorras

To be honest, this wine really stole the show tonight. It just turned out to be the most complex and interesting wine of the night. It really resembled a white burgundy in a lot of aspects, with a floral nose with hints of vanilla. The oak was present but not overpowering. It had flavors of pear, peach and vanilla with a very resounding finish. Really enjoyed this and probably the finest Godello I have ever had! I gave this 94 points and it finished first on the night!