Exploring Malbec, a Grape with a Bright Future

The world of wine is just as trendy as anything else. Wines become the hottest thing then all of the sudden they’re not. Over the years things like Blue Nun led the rise of Riesling from Germany, California introduced their version of barrel aged Chardonnay as well as the White Zinfandel craze, and more recently Shiraz from Australia had it’s time in the sun. Only the quality of the wine and pedigree of the grape dictate whether it sticks around after it’s hot streak. The current hot trendy wine currently belongs to the Malbec grape from Argentina but the grapes origins come from the old world.

Malbec’s birthplace is in the French region of Cahors. The wine was grown there for several hundred years enjoying great notoriety from the middle ages until the 19th century. The grape, known locally as Cot, had a great reputation for quality and was shipped all over the world. “The black wine” of Cahors rivaled Bordeaux to the Northwest but the region had two devastating events. The first was phylloxera, an insect that attacks grape vines and kills them. Whenever they hit, the vines need to be grafted to American root stock which the insets won’t go after. The second event was a frost that decimated 75% of the regions vines in 1956, effectively wiping them out. It takes years, even decades, to recover from something like that. After that the grape went dormant. The grape is one of the six red grapes allowed in Bordeaux wines but it was never a major player there. It wasn’t until Argentina came along and made the grape it’s own that Malbec became a major player again.

It’s easy to see why Malbec has become so popular over the last 6-7 years. The wines are typically fruit forward, easy drinking and aren’t as heavy or tannic as a Cabernet Sauvignon. Most importantly, the quality is high but the wines are inexpensive which has really fueled it’s popularity. Steak houses can serve it by the glass cheap, offering a tasty compliment to a juicy steak. Argentina has been the epicenter of this movement and it’s the most widely planted grape in the country.They have done some great things with it, including some high altitude vineyards that are some of the highest elevations for vineyards in the world.

With the popularity of Malbec comes other regions trying there hand with the grape. Versions have surfaced from Bordeaux, California, Chile, Washington and of course Cahors trying to get back in the game. I thought it would be fun to pick out three and taste them against each other. Here are the results.

  • 2009 Château de Chambert Cahors – France, Southwest France, Cahors
    Nose gravitates more towards the old world with notes of blackberry, kirsch liquor, smoke and violets. Trends more towards the black fruits than the red fruits. Very dark color, almost black with a magenta rim. More blackberry and kirsch liquor on the palate of this along with an earthy note and touch of iron. Finish lasts maybe 20 seconds. Wine will definitely peak your interest in Cahors if your a fan of the grape. (90 pts.)

  • 2010 Waterbrook Malbec Reserve – USA, Washington, Columbia Valley
    Nose is more fruit forward than the Chambert and you can tell it’s new world. Color on this is very similar to the first wine being almost black. Trends more towards the red fruits with cherry and plum but still get violets and kirsch liquor like the Cahors. Palate is also fruit forward. Really get smacked with it in the beginning with flavors of cherry, plum, kirsch liquor and a earthy note on the finish. Finish lasts about 20 seconds as well on this. (90 pts.)

  • 2011 Bodega Catena Zapata Malbec – Argentina, Mendoza
    Amazing how different the 3 noses on the 3 wines are. The Catena is the most forward of the 3 wines. Aromas of dark cherry, kirsch liquor, plum and smoke jump out of the glass. Again a very dark wine, almost black in color. The palate is again very forward with flavors of dark cherry, plum, kirsch liquor and a mineral note on the finish. This had the longest finish of the 3 wines as well, going on for about 25-30 seconds. Outstanding quality for the money. (92 pts.)

I have to say this was fun. It was interesting to compare and contrast the three wines plus I love to see diversity in wine. It’s good to see Cahors trying to establish itself back in the quality circle. That wine really opened my eyes to the region. Washington seems like it can do interesting things with the grape although they need to try and keep prices in check to compete. Argentina is certainly doing great things with the grape and I firmly believe that the wines will have some longevity because the quality is clearly there.

Could you tell the difference?

Being a sommelier and known as a “wine guy,” people often ask me if you could really tell the difference between a $100 bottle of wine and a $10 bottle of wine. I usually tell them “It depends.” There are so many factors that go into that question. Let’s assume that the price above for each bottle is the actual cost and not discounted. Let’s also assume that the comparison is between two bottles from the same or similar regions. The reason for this is if your comparing a Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon  to a Bordeaux they are very different wines. If you have the Napa Valley first, these wines typically have more alcohol and are more fruit forward with bombastic personalities. Following up with the Bordeaux would make it seem too rustic and simply overpowers the wine. Having the Bordeaux first has the opposite effect. A Bordeaux, typically with lower alcohol and more finesse, makes the Napa Valley Cabernet too alcoholic and flabby. So you really need an equal comparison. The last factor is it depends on the taster. If you have someone that doesn’t have that much experience tasting wine try the two bottles they probably aren’t going to see a difference. So the answer would be no. Unless you enjoy wine, I would not advocate spending that much money on a bottle of wine.

So let’s say that the conditions above are met. Now what? Well I believe that there are good bottles of wine at every price point. So there are nice bottles to be had for $10 and there are some bad bottles to be had at $100. So if you picked out your best $10 could it beat a bad $100 bottle? While it’s certainly possible it’s still a long shot. When a winery is making a bottle costing $100, they are aiming for a very high quality level. To bring the 100 point wine rating scale into the picture for a moment, someone buying a $100 bottle may be expecting at least a wine rating of 95 points. Anything below that may be a disappointment. But for a $10 bottle, a really high quality one may get 90 points. So although that may be a nice bottle, especially for the money, it might not be enough to say it is better than the $100 even though it may not reach that 95 point threshold. No don’t get me wrong, there are some bottles that cost $100 that aren’t even hitting that 90 point mark.

My general feeling is that someone who does enjoy wine will be able to tell the difference. They don’t have to be a wine expert either! They really just need to enjoy wine. Well this past weekend I did a little experiment. I have a friend who I get together with every so often and he too loves wine. So of course we crack a few bottles when we get together, typically some really nice stuff. The past couple of times we have been tasting blind. Now if you don’t know what that means there are two different definitions. Single blind means you don’t know the wine but you may know the region, the grape or the vintage. Double blind means you know nothing at all. So for the wines we cracked, we only knew the grape: Cabernet Sauvignon. He said to bring your “A game” so we both picked out two really nice bottles. I then decided to make it interesting by throwing in a $20 bottle I recently had. The $20 bottle was excellent and I thought it would make it difficult to identify in a blind tasting. All wines were decanted for 1 hour. Here are the results:

Wine 1

We both agreed the aromas on this were closed, meaning it was not giving up much. What I did get was some plum and iron. After sitting in the glass for a while the nose started to open up. Tasting this wine was a different story. It had some nice plum, cherry and iron flavors. It certainly had some complexity to it but my friend and I then argued over the finish. I said it lasted about 30 seconds, which to me is long. My friend argued that 30 seconds was not a long finish and it was shorter than the other wines. Overall I gave this wine 92 points and my friend scored it a 90. Interestingly enough, my friend called this out as the ringer before even tasting the other wine!. Since I had it a week or two before, it was pretty easy for my to identify it immediately as well.

Wine 2

This was a much bigger wine than the first one. The nose exploded out of the glass with aromas of blackberry, black cherry and roses. It was much more intense and very much from Napa Valley. The color on this was a very dark red, somewhat similar to wine 1. Drinking this was sheer joy! Favors of blackberry, currant, vanilla and a touch of iron dance across your palate. This was not just a monster wine though. It was beautifully put together that balanced power and elegance. The finish lasted about 45-50 seconds, clearly longer than the first wine. My friend’s impressions were similar to mine. I gave it a 96 and he gave it a 98.

Wine 3

An important distinction between this wine and the other wines was the color. As a red wine ages it gets lighter in color and this one was starting to show some bricking around the rim, a clear sign of age that my friend quickly pointed out. The nose on this also exploded out of the glass with sweet cherry and plum but also showing some more mature aromas of mushroom. Similarly on the palate it had some nice flavors of plum, cherry and blackberry but started showing mature notes mingled in with earth. The finish on this was about as long as wine 2. My friend and I both gave this 96 points.

The Wines

Wine 1 – 2014 Intrinsic Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley Washington Release Price $20

Wine 2 – 2012 Lail Cabernet Sauvignon J Daniel Cuvee Napa Valley Release Price $225

Wine 3 – 2004 Opus One Propriety Red Napa Valley Release Price $180


Tasting the Intrinsic on it’s own was one thing but tasting it next to two high end wines was another. It first got my attention by getting 92 from Wine Spectator. On it’s own it’s a fantastic wine for only $20 and could probably sell for three times it’s price if it came from Napa Valley. My friend is a more experienced taster and it was easy for him to pick this out without even trying the other wines. He actually used deductive reasoning to pick out his wine as well. Since he guessed wine 1 was the ringer and he knew that he didn’t bring an older wine (wine 3), he concluded wine 2 was his. The Lail received a perfect score, 100 points, from Robert Parker. Opus One, when the 1979 vintage was released, was the most expensive wine from Napa Valley at the time. It’s had its ups and downs over the years but the 2004 recently got a 96 from Robert Parker.


This certainly wasn’t highly scientific but it was fun to put the above theory to the test. The less expensive bottle definitely stood out compared to the other two wines. I’d like to do this again but with a larger sample size. It’s pretty safe to say though that on this day the less expensive wine was identified as inferior to the other wines.

Champagne for the New Year!

Everyone always thinks of Champagne for celebrations. Weddings, birthdays, promotions, but New Year’s Eve is where everyone can get in on the action! We always stock a nice selection of sparkling wine to meet any of your needs. We also offer it chilled for your convenience! Here are 5 great selections we have in house that are perfect for New Year’s Eve!

Segura Viudas Cava

NV Sigura Viudas Brut Cava $9.99

One of the best values for sparkling wine comes from Spain! Cava is the Spanish equivalent of Champagne but it’s typically a fraction of the cost! This cava offers some delicious flavors for only $9.99! Quality like this in Champagne would start at $40! We have been stocking this for years and it never disappoints! Find out why!

Korbe; Champagne Extra Dry

NV Korbel California Sparkling Wine Extra Dry or Brut $12.99 (Connecticut Bottle Minimum)

Always reliable, Korbel is typically widely available and we have it for the CT bottom min, meaning you can’t find it any cheaper than this in Connecticut by state law. If your looking for something that tastes good, is easy drinking, affordable and not have to think too much about, this is the wine for you!

Mumm Brut Prestige Napa Valley

NV Mumm Brut Prestige Napa Valley $19.99

Mumm does an excellent job in their Napa Valley venture of providing a delicious and complex sparkling wine. This is consistently a favorite of Wine Spectator and appeared on their Top 100 Wines of 2014.

Wine Spectator 91 Points

“Packs in a lot of complexity, with aromas of apple, fresh ginger and rubber that lead to crisp and layered flavors of raspberry and spice. Drink now.”

Vollereaux Champagne Brut

NV Vollereaux Champagne Brut $31.99

When Champagne is done right there is really no better sparkling wine in the world. The Vollereaux is something we have stocked for years and is always on the money. Costs less than both Moet & Chandon and Veuve Clicquot but is better than both in my opinion. Here’s the last time is was reviewed in Wine Spectator.

Wine Spectator 92 points

“Rich and refined, with layers of pear pastry, black cherry, hazelnut, lemon cream, honey and floral notes. A spicy thread of minerality winds through this wine, as does the precise and seamlessly integrated acidity.”

2002 Dom Perignon

2002 Dom Perignon Champagne Brut $189.99

For those looking for a New Year’s splurge, look no further than the 2002 Dom Perignon. I’ve had this wine several times and it is just an unbelievable Champagne, truthfully one of the best I’ve ever had. 2002 was an excellent year and this one is going to go down as one of the all time greats for Dom Perignon. Other vintages are available. Call for pricing and availability.

Wine Spectator 95 Points

“A rich and smoky Champagne in a graceful package, with a beautiful, fine-grained texture to it and layers of flavor—biscuit, candied lemon peel, coffee liqueur, chamomile, pine, crystallized honey and wood smoke. This is the haute couture of the Champagne world—all about elegance, texture and attention to detail.”

Wine Advocate 96 Points

“The 2002 Dom Perignon is at first intensely floral, with perfumed jasmine that dominates the bouquet. With time in the glass the wine gains richness as the flavors turn decidedly riper and almost tropical. Apricots, passion fruit and peaches emerge from this flashy, opulent Dom Perignon. The wine’s volume makes it approachable today, but readers in search of more complexity will want to cellar this for at least a few years to allow for some of the baby fat to drop off. Geoffroy describes the vintage as very ripe and adds that some of the Chardonnay showed the ill-effects of the hot growing season in the somewhat burned, dehydrated fruit that came in that year.”

That Perfect Bottle of Wine for the Holidays!

Oxford Liquor Shoppe can’t take the stress out of the holidays. But we can take the stress out of finding that perfect bottle of wine. Whether a gift for someone special, something to compliment dinner or just something to sip on, Oxford Liquor Shoppe has what your looking for. Here are some great inexpensive bottles of red wine and one white we have in stock that are great for the holidays! We even tells you what it pairs with!


2013 Columbia Crest Horse Heaven Hills (H3) Cabernet Sauvignon $13.99

A perennial favorite, The H3 packs big, juicy Cabernet flavors into a fantastic price point. Bottles like this from California cost three times what this costs. A real steal for the money!

Wine Spectator 91 Points

“Supple, focused and distinctive, with a core of ripe plum, currant, sage and floral flavors, mingling effectively and harmoniously on the long, expressive finish. The tannins are nicely shaped. Drink now through 2020.”

Pairs with Steak, Venison, Aged Cheddar Cheese, Lamb


2013 Columbia Winery Cabernet Sauvignon $13.99

Not to be confused with Columbia Crest, Columbia Winery also hails from Washington but presents a different Cabernet Sauvignon. While the H3 has that big upfront fruit, this shows more balance and is made in a more classical style. While still having nice fruit, earthy flavors balance it out to present a nice contrast to the H3.

Wine Spectator 90 Points

“This dense and focused red plays its coffee and mineral-accented blackberry flavors against a blanket of fine tannins, coming together smoothly on the purposeful finish. Best from 2016 through 2019.”

Pairs with Steak, Venison, Aged Cheddar Cheese, Lamb


2013 Meiomi Pinot Noir Monterey-Sonoma-Santa Barbara Counties $19.99

Year in and year out the Meiomi delivers the goods and the 2013 may be the best yet! Big, rich, pure Pinot flavors dance across your palate and are mesmerizing. One of the easiest bottles to drink because the tannins are so soft and it goes down so easy. Unless your an old school idealist, your going to love the Meiomi!

Wine Spectator 92 Points / #20 on Top 100 Wines of 2015

“Rich yet medium-weight, offering an exciting interplay of berry, oak, earth and spice notes, with subtle edges to the blueberry, raspberry, mocha and fresh-turned earth flavors. Ends with an aftertaste of melted black licorice. Drink now through 2020.”

Pairs with Pork, Roast Chicken, Turkey, Salmon


2010 Bodega Classica Hacienda Lopez de Haro Crianza $9.99

Speaking of old world wines, this is classic old world style Rioja! Not the fruit driven wine like the H3, this mixes more mature red fruits with more earthy flavors for a elegant, nuanced wine.

Wine Advocate 91 Points

“The 2010 Hacienda Lopez de Haro Crianza feels quite classical in its style, lightly-colored, with clean red spicy fruit, a touch of leather and a polished, soft palate that makes it very pleasant and easy to drink. At this price level this wine is a steal! Drink 2014-2018.”

Pairs with Pizza, Bolognese Sauce, Parmesan Cheese and Pork

2013 Byron Chardonnay Santa Barbara County

2013 Byron Chardonnay Santa Barbara County $14.99

The list would not be complete without a white wine and figured we should stick to the most popular white grape: Chardonnay. Byron has always turned out beautiful Chardonnay and Pinot Noir but they introduced the Santa Barbara County line a few years ago and it presents a nice entry level price point. This Chardonnay is a great value and if this came from Napa or Sonoma it would cost twice as much! Displaying classic Chardonnay flavors, this uses the right amount of oak to please the people that like it and the people that don’t.

Wine Advocate 90 Points

“A smoking value that’s made in serious quantities, the 2013 Chardonnay Santa Barbara County has classic stone fruits, white peach, white flowers and classy oak/vanilla notes in a medium-bodied, supple, elegant and fruit-forward style. Fermented and aged half in tank and half in neutral barrel, it’s a no-brainer Chardonnay to enjoy over the coming couple of years.”

Pairs with Lobster, Roast Chicken, Brei and Salmon

Stop by the store at 19 Oxford Rd in Oxford, CT to see these and other great selections. Our in house Sommelier can tailor something to your specific needs so come by and say hello!

Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of 2015 Available at Oxford Liquor Shoppe!

At the end of every year, Wine Spectator comes out with their Top 100 Wines of the Year. Once the wines are announced, there typically is a mad dash to obtain these wines. The Wine of the Year instantly becomes very hard to find and goes up in value. Some people say it might be a little over-hyped and there are plenty of good wines not on the list but one thing that can’t be denied is the wines on the list are all high quality wines.  The list contains a nice variety of red wine, white wine, sparkling wine and dessert wine as well as a good balance between imported wine and domestic, including selections outside of California. Oxford Liquor Shoppe has done a good job over the years bringing in these wines, most of the time we have these in stock before the list is announced.  For the last few years we have been posting what wines we have in stock from the current year’s list as well as wines we may have from a previous years list.

Top 100 Wines of 2015

#16 2009 Taylor Fladgate Late Bottled Port Score 93 Price $22.99

“Dense and rich, with amply spiced flavors of ripe dark plum and cherry compote. Mineral notes emerge midpalate, leading to a lush, chocolate-filled finish. A fresh and engaging style. Drink now.”

#20 2013 Meiomi Pinot Noir Score 92 Price $19.99

“Rich yet medium-weight, offering an exciting interplay of berry, oak, earth and spice notes, with subtle edges to the blueberry, raspberry, mocha and fresh-turned earth flavors. Ends with an aftertaste of melted black licorice. Drink now through 2020.”

#21 2014 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough Score 93 Price $29.99

“Stylish and generous, exhibiting a complex array of flavors, from white grapefruit and lemon curd to candied ginger, lemon verbena, honeysuckle and lime zest. Achieves elegance, power and refreshment in lovely harmony. Drink now.”

#29 2014 Tenshen White Santa Barbara County Score 92 Price $19.99

“This is lush and powerful, offering fleshy peach and apricot flavors at the core, with plenty of aromatic highlights, including orange blossom and honeysuckle. The texture is appealingly smooth and mouthwatering, with the complex details gaining momentum on the finish, where this reveals hints of dried spice and matcha green tea. Viognier, Roussanne, Grenache Blanc and Chardonnay. Drink now through 2020.”

#35 2013 Rombauer Chardonnay Carneros Score 93 Price $38.99

“A creamy-textured, charming style that’s easy to drink yet is deceptively complex and layered, with a mix of vanilla-scented oak and vibrant peach, nectarine, honeydew and apricot flavors. Long on the finish. Drink now.”

#36 2013 Bodegas Godeval Valdeorras Viña Godeval Cepas Vellas Score 92 Price $17.99

“This alluring white delivers a broad range of flavors in a pillowy texture, while crisp, well-integrated acidity maintains the focus. Melon, coconut, spice and smoke flavors mingle harmoniously on the plush palate. The mineral element is fresh and long. Godello. Drink now through 2018.”

#38 2012 Solena Pinot Noir Willamette Valley Grand Cuvee Score 92 Price $24.99

“Sleek, lithe and inviting, with juicy cherry, black cherry and gentle spice flavors that glide quickly over polished tannins into a long and vivid finish. This has presence, harmony, depth and persistence. Best from 2016 through 2022.”

#78 2012 Chateau St. Jean Cabernet Sauvignon Alexander Valley Score 91 Price $29.99

“Exhibits ripe and juicy yet firm flavors of currant and blackberry amid a gravelly earthiness before finding focus on the finish, where the tannins are chewy, revealing a licorice touch. Drink now through 2025.”

Past Glories Still Available

Top 100 Wines of 2014

#16 2012 Two Hands Shiraz Bella’s Garden Score 95 Price $79.99

“Utterly seamless, focused, powerful and elegant, layered with cherry, boysenberry and red plum fruit, revealing glints of coffee, jasmine and cardamom that add extra nuances. Delivers complexity without extra weight. The finish won’t quit. Drink now through 2022.”

#43 2013 Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling Score 91 Price $12.99

“Crisp and sleek, with juicy, expansive nectarine and peach flavors that play against citrusy acidity, finishing with zing and a sense of softness that lets the finish keep singing. Drink now through 2020. 128,806 cases made.

#54 N.V. Mumm Napa Brut Napa Valley Prestige Score 91 Price $22.99

“Packs in a lot of complexity, with aromas of apple, fresh ginger and rubber that lead to crisp and layered flavors of raspberry and spice. Drink now. 173,000 cases made.

#78 2012 Acrobat Pinot Noir Score 90 Price $18.99

“The crisp tannins and sleek structure give the up-front blackberry, currant and floral spice flavors good lift, coming together smoothly on the persistent finish. Drink now through 2016. 38,000 cases made.”

Top 100 Wines of 2008

#65 Bodegas Muga 2004 Rioja Reserva Score 91 Points Price $39.99

“Focused and balanced, this vivacious red delivers black cherry, mineral, mint and citrus peel flavors, with firm but well-integrated tannins and a fresh, floral finish. Drink now through 2012. 4,000 cases imported.”

Top 100 Wines of 2007

#7 Robert Mondavi 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Reserve Score 95 Points Price $102.99

“Weaves together a complex array of ripe, rich currant, anise, smoky oak and black cherry. Dense, concentrated and persistent, with great depth and focus. Ends with an amazingly long, richly flavored finish. Best from 2008 through 2018.”

Top 100 Wines of 2002

#37 Rosemont 1999 Syrah McLaren Vale Balmoral Score 93 Points Price $32.99

“A bit more aristocratic than most Aussie Shirazes, this one strikes a beautiful chord of rich blackberry and currant fruit, hinting at anise and pepper. Has a fleshy frame, with sweet spicy notes darting in and out through the long, harmonious finish. Drink now through 2010. 10,000 cases made.”

Great Wines for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday centered around food. Easter has the Easter Bunny, Valentine’s Day has romance and Christmas has Santa Claus of course but Thanksgiving is about that turkey. And that turkey is only going in one place! In the store, we get more questions about what pairs with this meal more than any other holiday. Come Christmas time, it is typically about getting a special bottle as a gift. Luckily, Oxford Liquor Shoppe has just what you’re looking for with four great recommendations to pair with your turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes.

Turkey is a rather neutral white meat. It’s not too fatty and pairs with a wide selection of wines. Here are four wines, in stock, that won’t over-complicate things starting from the lightest to heaviest.

1. Mumm Napa N.V. Brut Napa Valley Prestige $19.99

This is Mumm’s Napa Valley operation and it is turning out fabulous, affordable sparkling wines. We have carried this wine for many years and it never disappoints. Sparkling wines are great to pair with foods because they are very versatile so they pair with a wide variety of things. Here the flavors of raspberry and spice pair nicely with the sweeter dishes like candied yams, but compliment a blander meat like turkey just as well.

2. Dr. Loosen 2014 Dr. L Riesling $10.99

This German Riesling is a mainstay for us, and also one of Dave’s favorites. An incredible value for only $10.99, think of this wine similar to what cranberry sauce brings out in that turkey dinner. That mixture of sweetness to stick out between the turnips, mashed potatoes and turkey. The great thing about the Dr. L is it’s amazing consistency throughout the years. Count on flavors of apple and peach but wait for that kick of mineral on the finish, a feature other regions of the world have found hard to replicate in their Rieslings.

3. Byron 2013 Chardonnay Santa Barbara County $14.99

This selection just arrived a month ago. Santa Barbara is quickly becoming the go-to region for delicious affordable California Chardonnays. Byron’s is heavy enough to go perfectly with that turkey, complimenting the meat with flavors of stone fruits and vanilla. The wine is aged half in tank and half in neutral oak barrels, so that the oak doesn’t overpower this wine, thereby wiping out the turkey.

4. Solena 2012 Pinot Noir Grande Cuvee $24.99

I’ve always said that it’s tough to find a good Pinot Noir under $20. The Solena 2012 Grande Curvee Pinot Noir is a little over that, but will deliver on its premium pricing if you’re willing to splurge. Pinot Noir is not a tannic wine, making it one of the only red wines that pair well with lighter white meats. The Solena is juicy with jammy cherry and spice flavors that sing over the more moderate Thanksgiving palette. Oregon is a very hot right now because it is a nice middle ground for lovers of Burgundy and California Pinot Noir.

Oxford Lions Club Wine, Beer and Food Fest Coming September 19th!

Oxford Lions Club

Wine, Beer & Food Fest

September 21, 2013 / 5:00-8:00PM

Oxford Lions Club Pavilion at Jackson Cover Park

26 Jackson Cover Road, Oxford, CT 06478

Ticket $10.00 per person – Purchased in Advance / $15.00 at the Door

Oxford Liquor Shoppe will be participating in a Wine, Beer and Food Fest on September 19th. The event details are contained in the flier above for anyone interested. Dave (the owner), Oxford Liquor’s own Sommelier, Matthew Slywka, and representatives from our local distributors will be on hand to pour and discuss wines at the event. There will be a live band as well as two food trucks and 1 dessert truck. Come out to support this fun night!

For additional info and to purchase tickets contact Bill Lund or any Oxford Lions Club Member:

Tel: (203) 881-5572

Email: wlund@firstworld.com


Tasting Notes of 4 Wines from our Summer Wine Club Meeting


The theme for our Summer meeting was Summer whites. Some pretty affordable, delicious, easy drinking wines that are sure to please in the warmer weather. All wines tasted blind and listed in order.

  • NV Vollereaux Champagne Brut – France, Champagne
    Tasted blind. Aromas of toast, cream, slate and mineral led to flavors of toast, cream and lime. Compared to Moet Imperial or Veuve Clicquot, this is a much better wine in my opinion and cheaper. Ended with a mineral driven finish. This wine won wine of the night. (92 pts.) In Stock
  • 2013 Viña Godeval Valdeorras – Spain, Galicia, Valdeorras
    Tasted blind. This wine was a little perplexing to me blind. Took me a while to get my head around. Aromas of pear, peach and mineral on the nose led to flavors of peach, sour apple and starfruit. Had a tropical fruit thing going on. I finally decided on Spain but I thought it might have been a blend. (91 pts.) In Stock
  • 2013 Domaine Daniel Pollier Pouilly-Fuissé Les Perrières – France, Burgundy, Mâconnais, Pouilly-Fuissé
    Tasted blind. Nose had aromas of mineral, grass and wet stone. Palate had flavors of lemon, mineral and starfruit. This struck me as very French. Thought I had this pegged as a French Sauvignon Blanc. I was a little off. (90 pts.)
  • 2013 Dr. Heidemanns-Bergweiler Bernkasteler Badstube am Doctorberg Riesling Spätlese – Germany, Mosel Saar Ruwer
    Tasted blind. A big contrast from the first 3 wines since it was sweet. Nose of apple, wet stone and mineral. Apple was really prominent though. The palate had apple, pear, mineral and a touch of tangerine. Ended with a very nice finish of about 20-25 seconds. (92 pts.)

Interesting to see 4 different mineral themes running through 4 very different wines. Starting to realize I really prefer my sweet German wines with age on them. For me, it really integrates better and adds nuance to the wines. Overall, a very enjoyable meeting. __________________

Tasting Notes on 4 Wines from our Wine Club Meeting


Our Spring meeting was an open meeting so members could bring whatever food and wine that they wanted. Turned out to be quite an interesting spread. For food, I brought some Fried Calamari, then we had grilled steak and elk, smoked salmon and some cheese and crackers. The wines were all good, although nothing really stood above the pack.

  • 2014 Montinore Estate Pinot Gris – USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley
    Tasted blind. This was the first wine served and I was convinced it was a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. Aromas of grapefruit, kiwi and lime led to a strong flavors of grapefruit on the palate. A nice wine but kid of a one trick pony with the dominant grapefruit flavor. This was also served way too warm. Didn’t have a complexity to merit a higher score although to say some people liked this more than me is an understatement since it won wine of the night and it came in forth for me. (88 pts.)
  • 2010 Philippe Leclerc Bourgogne Les Bons Bâtons – France, Burgundy, Bourgogne
    Tasted blind. I brought this an immediately knew what it was. Decanted it for 2 hours. This had aromas of tea, cherry, raspberry and a hint of earth. Got some more tea with flavors of cherry, earth and mushroom on the palate. Ended with a decent cherry, mineral and earth finish. Seemed kind of tight still but had some the next day and it had not budged. Would be curious to see where this goes in a few years. (89 pts.)
  • 2008 Castello della Paneretta Chianti Classico Riserva – Italy, Tuscany, Chianti, Chianti Classico DOCG
    Tasted blind. Tried this and identified it as a Chianti so I was pretty proud of myself. Aromas of dried cherry, leather, raspberry and rose petal on the nose. This had flavors of cherry, black olive, earth and tar that ended with a nice 20 second finish. My favorite wine of the night. I thought this was really drinking great for what it was. (91 pts.)
  • 2013 William Fèvre Chablis Champs Royaux – France, Burgundy, Chablis
    Tasted blind. The last wine tasted and maybe the most intriguing. Aromas of slate, pear and apple on the nose. I got some sweeter fruit on the nose but the palate was just the opposite. Flavors of starfruit, hint of pear, mineral and slate. Bone dry. I was kind of thinking Riesling but not really. Perplexed. Seem to have trouble identifying these lately. When the bag came off it all made sense. This is really nice for the money. (90 pts.)

Notes on over 270 Wines from the Skurnik Tasting

Back in March, Skurnik distributors held there big Spring tasting in NYC. Always a really fun tasting, you get to taste not only their Connecticut portfolio but there New York one too. Some of the stuff they carry in New York is carried by a different distributor in CT so we really get to taste a wide range of wines.

This year the big category for me was the 2010 Barolo’s, which they had some last year but carried over to this year, and the 2010 Brunello di Montalcino. Both were excellent and standout from the other vintages for sure. Due to the volume and brevity of tasting each wine, I try to give everything a score on the 100 point scale for easy reference. If something really stand out I try to make a note of it.

Hermann J. Wiemer – a new addition to there portfolio this year. This is one of the top, if not the top winery in the Finger Lakes.

2013 Riesling Dry – 89

2014 Riesling Dry – 89

2013 Riesling Reserve Dry – 91

2013 Riesling HJW Vineyard 90

2013 Riesling Magdalena Vineyard – 92

2013 Riesling Semi Dry – 90

NV Rose Cuvee – 88

2013 Cabernet Franc – 90

Gruet – Great sparkling wine house out of New Mexico.

NV Blanc de Blancs “Methode Champenoise” – 90

NV Brut “”Methode Champenoise” – 90

NV Blanc de Noirs “Methode Champenoise” – 89

NV Brut Rose “Methode Champenoise” – 89

Pinot Project 2013 Pinot Noir – 87 Not as good as previous vintages. Little thin.

Brick House – Decent Pinot producer for the money. Focus on Burgundian style.

2012 Chardonnay Cascadia – 88

2-13 Gamay Noir – 88

2013 Pinot Noir “Select” – 90

2012 Pinot Noir “Dijonnais” – 91

Soter Vineyards – Consistent producer of lovely Oregon Pinot Noir. Their White Label offering has been excellent the last few years.

2012 North Valley Pinot Noir – 90

2012 North Valley Pinot Noir Reserve – 92

2011 Soter Vineyards Pinot Noir “Mineral Springs” (White Label) – 92

Shea Wine Cellars – First time being at this tasting I believe and first time meeting Dick Shea. Been buying these Pinots for years and they are always excellent. Not cheap but the bump in quality is worth the cost. The Estate is always a excellent value.

2011 Chardonnay – 90

2012 Pinot Noir “Estate” – 92

2012 Pinot Noir “Homer” – 96

Ken Wright Cellars – Renown producer from Oregon who offers some good wines but not always great for the money. Their entry level offering are decent values but the single vineyard offering don’t always offer the bump in quality that comes with the higher price.

2012 Pinot Blanc – 89

2011 Chardonnay “Celilo Vineyards” – 92

2013 Pinot Noir “Willamette Valley” – 90

2013 Pinot Noir “Bonnie Jean” – 90

2013 Pinot Noir “Bryce” – 89

2013 Pinot Noir “Canary Hill” – 91

2013 Pinot Noir “Carter” – 89

2013 Pinot Noir “Guadalupe” – 90

2013 Pinot Noir “Savoya” – 89

2013 Pinot Noir “Shea” – 90

Joel Gott – Producer of some tasty, entry level wines at a great price.

2014 Sauvignon Blanc – 88

2013 Chardonnay “Unoaked” – 88

2013 Pinot Noir “Oregon” – 89

2013 Pinot Noir “California” – 89

2012 Grenache “Alakai” – 87

2013 Cabernet Sauvignon 815 – 90

2012 Zinfandel – 90

Turley Wine Cellars – Makers of big, bold, teeth coating Zinfandels. One of the best producers for the varietal in California. Juvenile is a terrific value.

2013 Zinfandel “Juvenile” – 91

2013 Zinfandel “Cobb” – 91

2013 Zinfandel “Duarte” – 92

2013 Zinfandel “Mead Ranch” – 94

2013 Zinfandel “Estate” – 93

2013 Zinfandel “Rattlesnake Ridge” – 94

Siduri Wines – Missed Adam Lee this year. Glad he is staying on as winemaker. Consistent brand for quality Pinot Noir.

2012 Pinot Noir “Chehalem Mountain” – 91

2012 Pinot Noir “Sta. Rita Hills” – 91

2013 Pinot Noir RRV – 90

2012 Pinot Noir “Santa Lucia Highlands” – 91

2012 Pinot Noir “Pisoni” – 93

Martinelli winery – producer of some great Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Zinfandel. Can sometimes be a bit over the top though.

2012 Chardonnay Zio Tony – 93

2012 Pinot Noir “Bella Vigna” – 91

2012 Pinot Noir “Bondi Home Ranch” – 94

2013 Pinot Noir “Zio Tony” – 91

2012 Zinfandel “Vellutini Ranch” – 92

2012 Zinfandel “Giuseppe & Luisa” – 91

Paul Hobbs – Great label that excels across all price points. Crossbarn imprint quality has been steadily improving the last few years although it’s still a little expensive for entry level wines.

2013 Crossbarn Chardonnay Sonoma Coast – 90

2013 Chardonnay RRV – 90

2014 Crossbarn Rose – 90

2012 Crossbarn Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast – 90

2012 Pinot Noir RRV – 89

2012 Crossbarn Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley – 90

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley – 93

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon “Beckstoffer Dr. Crane” – 95

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon “Nathen Coombs Estate” – 93

Capiaux Cellars

2013 Pinot Noir “Chimera” – 89

2012 Pinot Noir “Pisoni” – 92


2013 Chardonnay “oakville” – 88

2011 Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mt – 92

Charles Smith Wines – Great value wines we have in stock with quality consistent with the previous vintage.

2013 “Velvet Devil” Merlot – 90

2013 Chateau Smith Cabernet Sauvignon – 90

Cayuse – Super excited to try these wines. Doing some phenomenal things with Syrah in Washington.

2012 Camaspelo – 93

2012 Syrah “Bionic Frog” – 95

2012 Syrah “En Chamberlin” – 96

2012 Horsepower Syrah “The Tribe Vineyad” – 95

The Withers

2014 Rose “El Dorado” – 89

2013 Pinot Noir “Peters” – 89

2013 Pinot Noir “Charles” – 90

2013 Pinot Noir “English Hill” – 91

2010 “Mr. Burgess” – 91

Anthill Farms – Been tasting these for the last few years and they are quite consistent. All former Williams Selyem employees and that is reflected in the wine.

2013 Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast – 90

2013 Pinot Noir “Campbell Ranch” – 91

2013 Pinot Noir “Peters” – 90

2013 Pinot Noir “Tina Marie” – 91

Wind Gap Wines – Excited to finally try these wines and they did not disappoint. Wines were very nice across the board. Pinot’a are wRoth seeking out.

2012 Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast – 92

2013 Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast – 92

2012 Pinot Noir “Sun Chase” – 92

2012 Pinot Noir “Gap’s Crown” – 93

2012 Grenache Old Vine “Sceales” – 91

2012 Syrah Sonoma Coast – 91

2012 Syrah “Nellessen” – 91

2012 Syrah “Armagh” – 91

Sandhi Wines – Prodices some nice Pnot Noirs and Chardonnays, although prices on their higher end wines don’t see an acompanying jump in quality.

2013 Chardonnay Santa Barbara County – 88

2012 Chardonnay Sta. Rita Hills – 90

2013 Chardonnay “Mt. Carmel” – 89

2013 Chardonnay “Sanford & Benedict” – 90

2013 Chardonnay “Bent Rock” – 92

2012 Pinot Noir Sta. Rita Hills – 91

Domaine De La Cote – I enjoyed this set of wines much better than last years. Although pricy, these wines showed pure Pinot flavors and good balance.

2012 Pinot Noir Sta. Rita Hills – 92

2012 Pinot Noir “Bloom’s Field” – 92

2012 Pinot Noir “La Cote” – 94

Piedrasassi – first time trying these wines by the same winemaker as Sandhi. The Syrah Blue Label, which saw 40 months in barrel, was incredible.

2013 Sauvignon Blanc “Dohmeyer” – 91

2013 Syrah “PS Central Coast” – 92

2011 Syrah Santa Barbara County (Blue Label) – 96

Hirsch Winery

2012 Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast “San Andreas” – 90

Failla – Impressive set of wines. Both Chardonnay and Pinot Noir were consistently good.

2013 Chardonnay Sonoma Coast – 91

2013 Chardonnay “Fort Ross-Seaview Estate” – 91

2013 Chardonnay “Hudson” – 92

2013 Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast – 92

2013 Pinot Noir “Keefer Ranch” – 92

2013 Pinot Noir “Savoy” – 91

Stony Hill Vineyard – Always have good old world style Chardonnay, but we were treated to an aged one that was quite exquisite.

2013 Riesling – 90

2010 Chardonnay – 92

2001 Chardonnay – 94

Kistler Vineyard – Renown producer of fine Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, this year they really lived up to the hype. Their new Occidental label was quite good.

2013 Chardonnay “Les Noisetiers” – 92

2013 Chardonnay “Sonoma Moubrain” – 93

2012 Chardonnay “Vine Hill” – 94

2013 Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast – 93

2013 Pinot Noir Russian River – 92

2013 Pinot Noir “Kistler” – 94

2012 Occidental Sonoma Coast – 95

Ramey Wine Cellars – One of the most consistent producers of high quality Cabernet and Chardonnay in all of California. Was sad to hear they are no longer making Chardonnay from the Hudson Vineyard though.

2012 Chardonnay Sonoma Coast – 92

2012 Chardonnay Russian River – 92

2012 Chardonnay “Platt” – 93

2012 Chardonnay “Hyde” – 95

2012 Claret – 93

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley – 93

Peter Michael Winery – Top Californai winery for Cabernet, Chardonnay and now Pinot Noir. The Chard this year were top notch and was excited to try the Pinot for the first time and it did not disappoint.

2013 Chardonnay ‘Belle Cote’ – 97

2013 Chardonnay ‘La Carriere’ – 96

2013 Pinot Noir ‘Le Caprice’ – 94

2013 Pinot Noir ‘Moulin Rouge’ – 95

2012 L’Esprit des Pavots – 92

2012 Cabernet Sauvignon ‘Les Pavots’ – 96

Joseph Swan – Famed producer from the Russian River Valley, their Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel are remarkably consistent and reasonably priced for the quality your getting.

2012 Chardonnay ‘Kent the Younger’ – 91

2012 Pinot Noir ‘Cuvée de Trois’ – 91

2012 Pinot Noir ‘Trenton Estate’ – 92

2009 Zinfandel ‘MancinI Ranch’ – 91

Altos Las Hormigas

2013 Malbec – 89

2012 Malbec ‘Terroir’ – 91

2012 Malbec ‘Hormigas Reserva’ – 92

2012 Malbec ‘Appellation Vista Flores’ – 94

Quinta da Muradella

2010 Blanco ‘Muradella’ – 94

La Rioja Alta – didn’t get a chance to try the entire lineup this year but the two aged Gran Reserva’s are excellent and affordable year in and year out.

2004 Rioja Gran Reserva 904 – 96

2001 Rioja Gran Reserva 890 – 94

CVNE – line was too long this year to taste all the wines.

2007 Rioja Gran Reserva Imperial – 94

Domaine Clusel-Roch

2013 Condrieu – 91

David Duband

2012 Cotes de Nuits Village – 91

2012 Gevrey-Chambertine – 93

Didier Fornerol – I really enjoyed both of these Village level wines and represent good value.

2012 Cotes de Nuits Villages Blanc – 91

2012 Cotes de Nuits Villages Rouge – 92

Boyer-Martenot – first time having these wines but walked away very impressed.

2013 Meursault ‘Cuvée Fernand Boyer’ – 93

2013 Puligny-Montrachet ‘Les Reuchaux’ – 91

2013 Meursault 1er ‘Charmes’ – 91

2013 Meursault 1er ‘Genevrieres’ – 93

2013 Meursault 1er ‘Perrieres’ – 92

Domaine Alain Gras

2012 St. Romain Blanc – 91

2013 St. Romain Blanc – 91

2012 St. Romain Rouge – 91

2013 St. Romain Rouge – 91

2012 Auxey-Duresses – 90

2013 Auxey-Duresses – 91

Domaine Marc Roy – Excellent producer of Pinot Noir from Gevrey-Chambertin.

2013 Marsannay Blanc ‘Les Champs Perdrix’ – 87

2013 Gevrey-Chambertin ‘Vieilles Vignes’ – 90

2013 Gevrey-Chambertin ‘Clos Prieur’ – 92

2013 Gevrey-Chambertin ‘La Justice’ – 92

2013 Gevrey-Chambertin ‘Cuvée Alexandrine’ – 94


2013 Hautes Cotes de Nuits Blanc – 88

2013 Bourgogne Rouge – 88

2013 Chambolle-Musigny ‘Vieilles Vignes’ – 90

2013 Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru ‘Les Charmes’ – 92

2013 Bonnes Mares – 94

Domaine De L’Arlot – Interesting to try the 2009 next to the 2013. Rated similar from Burghound when releases but with a few years of age really made a difference.

2013 Nuits St. George’s Blanc ‘Gerbotte’ – 92

2013 Cotes de Nuits-Villages ‘Clos du Chapeau’ – 89

2013 Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru ‘Le Petit Arlot’ – 90

2013 Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru ‘Clos des Forets St. Georges’ – 92

2009 Nuits St. Georges 1er Cru ‘Clos des Forets St. Georges’ – 95

Paul Blanck et Fils

2013 Riesling Classique – 88

2010 Riesling ‘Rosenbourg’ – 90

2011 Riesling Grand Cru ‘Schlossberg’ – 92

2009 Riesling Grand Cru ‘Sommerberg’ – 92

Domaine Egly-Ouriet

2004 Prestige Vintage Brut 100% Grand Cru – 94

Domaine Rolet – Impressive lineup, especially for the cost. Very interesting to try the 2002, which had aged quite nicely.

2009 Cremant du Jura – 92

2011 Arbois Chardonnay – 89

2009 Cotes du Jura Chardonnay – 90

2008 Arbois Blanc ‘Tradition’ – 90

2011 Arbois Poulsard Vieilles Vignes – 89

2009 Arbois Rouge ‘Tradition’ – 87

2006 Arbois Vin Jaune – 92

NV Macvin du Jura Blanc – 95

NV Macvin du Jura Rouge – 94

2002 Cotes du Jura Chardonnau – 92

2002 Arbois Rouge Trousseau – 88

2002 Arbois Rouge ‘Memorial’ – 92

Domaine Saint Prefert – Classic producer of some of the best wines out of Chateauneuf-du-pape with price s that are pretry reasonable for the quality.

2014 Cotes du Rhone ‘Clos Beatus Ille’ – 92

2014 Chateauneuf-du-Pape Blanc- 92

2013 Chateauneuf-du-Pape Blanc ‘Cuvee Vieilles Clairettes’ – 93

2013 Chateauneuf-du-Pape Rouge – 92

2013 Chateauneuf-du-Pape Rouge ‘Reserve Auguste Favier’ – 92

2013 Chateauneuf-du-Pape Rouge ‘Collection Charles Giraud’ – 94

2013 Chateauneuf-du-Pape Rouge ‘Colombis’ – 92

Domaine J.P. Lafond

2012 Chateauneuf-du-Pape Rouge – 93

Clos des Brusquieres

2012 Chateauneuf-du-Pape Rouge – 91

Le Vieux Donjon

2013 Chateauneuf-du-Pape Blanc – 93

2012  Chateauneuf-du-Pape Rouge – 92

Domenico Clerico – consistently good wines with their Barolo’s just starting to get good 10 years after release. Had 98 Pajana a while back that had not come around yet.

2013 Dolcetto Langhe ‘Visadi’ – 88

2012 Barbera d’Alba ‘Trevigne’ – 89

2010 Barolo ‘Pajana’ – 92

2009 Barolo ‘Pajana’ – 93

2010 Barolo ‘Ciabot Mentin’ – 93

2008 Barolo ‘Aeroplan Servaj’ – 92

Gianni Brunelli

2010 Brunello dI Montalcino – 93

2009 Brunello di Montalcino – 92

2007 Brunello di Montalcino Riserva – 91

2006 Brunello di Montalcino Riserva – 92

2004 Brunello di Montalcino Riserva – 93

Paolo Conterno – first time having their wines and they were quite impressive.

2010 Barolo ‘Riva Del Bric’ – 92

2010 Barolo ‘Ginestra’ – 93

2007 Barolo ‘Ginestra’ – 92

2006 Barolo Riserva ‘Ginestra’ – 93

Silvio Grasso – Quite an impressive lineup with the 2010’s being some of the best wines I tasted for Barolo.

2011 Barolo – 92

2010 Barolo ‘Giachini’ – 93

2010 Barolo ‘Turne’ – 95

2010 Barolo ‘Bricco Liciani’ – 95

Terre Nere

2013 Etna Rosso – 90

2012 Etna Rosso ‘Calderara SottAna’ – 90

2012 Etna Rosso ‘Santo Spirito’ – 92

2012 Etna Rosso ‘Feudo di Mezzo’ – 90

E Pira – Chiara Boschis

2011 Barolo ‘Cannubi’ – 90

2011 Barolo ‘Via Nuova’ – 90

La Spinetta – one of the premier producers of Nebbiolo bases wines. The 2010’s were also quite good.

2010 Barbaresco ‘Bordini’ – 90

2010 Barolo ‘Garretti’ – 93

2010 Barbaresco ‘Valeirano’ – 95

2005 Barbaresco ‘Starderi’ – 94

2006 Barolo ‘Campe’ – 95

Ciacci Piccolomini

2010 Brunello di Montalcino – 94

2009 Brunello di Montalcino – 92

2008 Brunello di Montalcino ‘Pianrosso’ – 91

2007  Brunello di Montalcino Riserva ‘Pianrosso’ – 93

Caballots – Yet another set of fine Barolo. Very consistent across the last few vintages.

2010 Barolo ‘Bricco Boschis’ – 94

2008 Barolo Riserva ‘San Giuseppe’ – 93

2007 Barolo Riserva ‘San Giuseppe’ – 93

2007 Barolo Riserva ‘Vignolo’ – 94

S & B Borgogno

2011 Barolo – 90

2010 Barolo ‘Cannubi’ – 91

2008 Barolo Riserva ‘Cannubi’ – 90

2006 Barolo Riserva ‘Cannubi’ – 90

Poggio Nardone

2010 Brunello di Montalcino – 93


2010 Brunello di Montalcino – 92

2009 Brunello di Montalcino – 90

2010 Brunello di Montalcino ‘Vigna Raunate’ – 92

La Serena – Their 2010 Brunello was the best one I tasted today, perhaps the best wine.

2010 Brunello di Montalcino – 95

2009 Brunello di Montalcino – 93

2008 Brunello di Montalcino – 91

Podere Brizio

2010 Brunello di Montalcino – 92

2007 Brunello di Montalcino – 91

2004 Brunello di Montalcino – 93

La Colombina

2010 Brunello di Montalcino – 91


2010 Brunello di Montalcino ‘Pottio Cerrino’ – 93

2010. Brunello di Montalcino ‘Soccorso’ – 91

Vallana – one of my favorite value producers from Northern Italy. Wines showed well with many values.

2013 Barbera Piedmonte – 87

2013 Campi Raudii – 85

2011 Colline Novaresi Spanna – 88

2011 Spanna ‘Cuvée Bernardo Vallana’ – 90

2010 Boca Antonio Vallana – 91

2005 Gattinara – 89

1998 Gattinara – 92