Great Wines for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday centered around food. Easter has the Easter Bunny, Valentine’s Day has romance and Christmas has Santa Claus of course but Thanksgiving is about that turkey. And that turkey is only going in one place! In the store, we get more questions about what pairs with this meal more than any other holiday. Come Christmas time, it is typically about getting a special bottle as a gift. Luckily, Oxford Liquor Shoppe has just what you’re looking for with four great recommendations to pair with your turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes.

Turkey is a rather neutral white meat. It’s not too fatty and pairs with a wide selection of wines. Here are four wines, in stock, that won’t over-complicate things starting from the lightest to heaviest.

1. Mumm Napa N.V. Brut Napa Valley Prestige $19.99

This is Mumm’s Napa Valley operation and it is turning out fabulous, affordable sparkling wines. We have carried this wine for many years and it never disappoints. Sparkling wines are great to pair with foods because they are very versatile so they pair with a wide variety of things. Here the flavors of raspberry and spice pair nicely with the sweeter dishes like candied yams, but compliment a blander meat like turkey just as well.

2. Dr. Loosen 2014 Dr. L Riesling $10.99

This German Riesling is a mainstay for us, and also one of Dave’s favorites. An incredible value for only $10.99, think of this wine similar to what cranberry sauce brings out in that turkey dinner. That mixture of sweetness to stick out between the turnips, mashed potatoes and turkey. The great thing about the Dr. L is it’s amazing consistency throughout the years. Count on flavors of apple and peach but wait for that kick of mineral on the finish, a feature other regions of the world have found hard to replicate in their Rieslings.

3. Byron 2013 Chardonnay Santa Barbara County $14.99

This selection just arrived a month ago. Santa Barbara is quickly becoming the go-to region for delicious affordable California Chardonnays. Byron’s is heavy enough to go perfectly with that turkey, complimenting the meat with flavors of stone fruits and vanilla. The wine is aged half in tank and half in neutral oak barrels, so that the oak doesn’t overpower this wine, thereby wiping out the turkey.

4. Solena 2012 Pinot Noir Grande Cuvee $24.99

I’ve always said that it’s tough to find a good Pinot Noir under $20. The Solena 2012 Grande Curvee Pinot Noir is a little over that, but will deliver on its premium pricing if you’re willing to splurge. Pinot Noir is not a tannic wine, making it one of the only red wines that pair well with lighter white meats. The Solena is juicy with jammy cherry and spice flavors that sing over the more moderate Thanksgiving palette. Oregon is a very hot right now because it is a nice middle ground for lovers of Burgundy and California Pinot Noir.

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