Notes from 4 Easter Wines

Went over my father-in-law’s house for Easter at his new house and he likes his wines. He cooked up a great meal of ham and lamb, with some delicious sides that included roast potatoes, brandied carrots and several other things. The most important part of the meal for me is always the wine of course! I was able to try four wines before moving on to Easter at my parents house. I started things off with a nice white recommended by Dave.

2005 Domaine Bouchard Pere & Fils Beaune du Chateau White Burgundy Premier Cru – In Stock $22.99

Dave said this had a great nutty character to it. It started off a little too cold from being in the fridge. The wine was very light, almost like a Sauvignon Blanc or a Chablis. As it warmed, I got some great nuttiness and some mineral flavors but I really did not get a lot of fruit, which kind of surprised me. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the bottle but was just expecting a little something on that end. It could have been an off bottle because Dave said he  got some fruit when he had it. With that being said it would go great with fish and perfect for warm weather drinking. I gave it 88 points.

2008 Archstone Pinot Noir Carneros – In Stock $11.99

After the White Burgundy, I moved onto a Pinot Noir. The story with Archstone is the same as the Atticus John.  Some big producer had too much inventory and decided to bottle it or sell it off to someone under this label. I can’t verify if the story is true or not but what I can tell you is the Archstone is a high quality Pinot Noir. With some classic pinot aromas of clove, cinnamon, and cherry, the Archstone has a lot of structure for a wine at this price. It then has some silky flavors of black cherry, licorice and other red fruits that lead to a medium long finish.  An outstanding value a $11.99 and tastes like a $25 bottle. I gave this 90 points.

2008 Schild Estate Shiraz Barossa – In Stock $21.99

For the main course I bought something special. The 2008 Schild Shriaz that recently was #7 on Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of 2010 and they gave it 94 points. I wanted to give this wine a nice hour decant but the Archstone was in the decanter so I had to pop and pour. The wine had a decent nose but it wasn’t really jumping out of the glass. Upon trying the wine, it definitely wasn’t an Aussie fruit bomb, which isn’t a bad thing, but did not have a lush mouth feel to it. It had a little tartness in the fruit. Although a good wine, I found this lacking in complexity, especially for a 94 point wine that was #7 Wine of the Year.  The wine went very fast because people were filling their glasses for dinner so I’ll have to try this again. Curious to see what a long decant would do to it. I gave this 89 points.

St. Urbans-Hof Riesling Spatlese Ockfen Bockstein – In Stock $22.99

Lew picked this up from Dave and we drank it after dinner.  Wine Spectator gave this 94 points and unlike the Schild I could see why.  Wine Spectator said it needed a few years to come together and after drinking it I can also see why they said that.  The nose had some aromas of honey although the nose was not overwhelming. The real treat was on the palate with flavors of apple, peach and mineral that just swam across your mouth.  It had a wonderful acidity that really balanced out the sweetness but I believe this will get even better within a few years. Nice in 5, great in 10 years. I gave this 93 points.

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  1. *jealous* I couldn’t make it to the Expo this year, as I’m no logner sponsored by my old catering company. :-(I have fond memories of the expo, though. It was where I had my first taste of ice wine. Covey Run supplied an orgasmic Riesling ice wine a couple years back…

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