Tasting Notes from 3 Father’s Day Wines

My Father-in-law is a big wine drinker (he’s in our wine club) so I decided to break out a few nice bottle to mark the occasion.  We had a nice dinner planned so I was going to try to pair the wines but in the end I said forget it. It was a really muggy day so we started off with a 2006 Colonial Estate Semillon Expatrie.  This is a gem Dave picked up on discount a couple of months ago. It usually sells for over $25 but with the discount we sell it for $14.99. It was perfect for the hot day. Displaying a very light body, this dry white has a touch of sweetness from the 15% Riesling they blend into it. It has some nice citrus flavors with a great minerality. This will only get better over the next several years.

The next wine was the highlight of the day, a 1985 Opus One Bordeaux Blend. Once in a while I get to taste a nice older bottle.  It’s difficult because they are tough to find in good condition and typically expensive. I had chance to pick up a few bottle of this for almost nothing. We tried a bottle last year and it tasted past it’s prime so I was a little worried how this would turn out. Upon opening the cork came out with no problem at all.

As you can see above, the cork was intact with some sediment at the top. It had slight signs of seepage but other than that it was fine. My father-in-law poured it into a decanter and we were surprised that there was not  a lot of sediment everywhere.  I looked in the bottle once poured and it had collected nicely in the bottle.

You can see in the pic above, the sediment collected at the top and bottom. In the glass, the wine was very dark, perhaps even borderline black (see below). One whiff of this and I could immediately tell that it was different from the bottle last year. I got leather, smoke and raspberry on the nose. On the palate I got cherry, raspberry and earth. I was really surprised at the fruit this displayed since the last bottle didn’t really have any.  The raspberry flavor was interesting because it had the sweet and sourness that raspberries typically have. The wine was very smooth and perfectly integrated at this point in its life. The finish was nice but sort of clipped, only lasting just over 15 seconds. Overall, a great older bottle that I’m glad that was different from the first.

The last wine we tried was some leftover 2007 Chasseur Pinot Noir Freestone Station I had from the night before. This was amazing because it was just as good on night two as it had been on night one. The nose had aromas of strawberries, flowers and tea.  The nose was really fantastic! This wine is so rich with just an explosion of flavor on the palate, exhibiting blueberry, red berries, and green tea flavors. Chasseur is really at the top of their game with the 2007 vintage and it was a nice way to end with the steaks we were eating.

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