Tasting Notes from 4 Wines This Past Weekend

Yesterday was my wife’s Birthday so today we had some family and friends over to celebrate.  It was one of those hot Summer days so we decided to start off with some white’s before I had to man the grill. We kicked things off with a wine my father-in-law brought over, a 2006 Buttonwood Sauvignon Blanc from the Santa Ynez Valley. This tasted really fresh for a 2006, the reason for this I think is because my father-in-law has kept it in a wine fridge since he got it.  The wine had some searing acidity that might have been too much for me.  It did have some nice citrus fruit flavors that reminded me a tad more of New Zealand than California but not a bad wine non the less.

I decided to do a toast to my wife next and we broke out a bottle of Pommery Brut Rose Champagne NV that we got on our trip to France last year. We have been saving it for a special occasion and figured now was the time. We have a habit to holding onto Champagne too long, although we don’t get stuff that is supposed to age that often. This was nice and refreshing in the heat, with some nice acidity to go along with some strawberry and raspberry flavors.  It was just a tad pink and could easily have passed for a regular Champagne which made it all the more interesting. After tasting this, I think this could have gone a while longer but it’s probably better we drank this when it is drinking so well.

We moved onto a 2006 Sanford Chardonnay. We have carried Sanford Pinot Noir since the movie Sideways popularized it, it being one of the more prominent wines in the movie. The Pinot has always been good but last year we brought in the Chardonnay, which I thought was also very good. I’m glad I had a chance to visit the winery back in October when I took a quick one day trip up to Santa Barbara with Oxford Liquor’s resident webmaster Alex Alapatt. Anyways, I opened the wine and I detected a strange smell.  I was afraid the wine had a bad cork. I tried the wine and it was rather odd. Some sips I swear I could taste cork while others the wine tasted fine. When it did taste ok you had a very typical California Chardonnay with some nice  apple, pear and vanilla flavors.  I remember this being a little fresher when I had it last year but that could be because of its age. This was the last bottle in the store and I’ll have to check with Dave to see if he is going to order anymore in case anyone is interested in buying a bottle.

Last but not least we cracked a 2005 Kosta Browne Russian River Valley Pinot Noir to go with the main course of grilled rosemary chicken, maple chipotle pork chops and some Summer pasta salads. I really needed to try another Kosta Browne after what happened last week with the bad bottle. Although this one was a year younger than the bottle from last week, it was drinking lovely. This was put together nicely and got even better as we drank it.  Had some nice black cherry and cola flavors that just went over your palate like a wave. This was much better than the Russian River Valley bottle I had two years ago and I think the additional age did it some good. I was very happy with the results of this wine and it gave me hope for the other bottles I still have. It brought an end to a very nice day.

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